Management Trust Holding Aktiengesellschaft
Management Trust Holding Aktiengesellschaft

With a total of 220 outlets in the whole of Austria, LIBRO has a nationwide branch network, making it an important local supplier in the non-food sector. The emphasis of the assortmen of goods is on entertainment, presents, stationary and writing materials for schools and offices as well as leisure goods. The product range reaches from paper and stationary for offices and schools, over enternainment (books, music, DVDs/Blu-rays, video games, tickets) to the section of playing/crafting and presents for the whole family as well as current technology.

LIBRO is one of the most famous and popular Austrian brnads and stands for big supply, low prices and a young and fresh feeling of living. The LIBRO Club, currently counting 1,200,000 members, shows the great affinity of customers to the company and its products. Around 1,150 employees are contact for the customers.

Subsidiaries: 220
Target group: 14-49 years
Core range: Paper, stationery, entertainment


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