Management Trust Holding Aktiengesellschaft
Management Trust Holding Aktiengesellschaft

Under the umbrella of the MTH Retail Group, approximately 5,100 people work for companies such as LIBRO, PAGRO, PFENNIGPFEIFFER and MÄC GEIZ as well as OFFICE WORLD and IBA in about 800 subsidiaries in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The MTH Retail Group runs two headquarters – one in Guntramsdorf, Austria for the Austrian subsidiaries, Libro and Pagro and one in Landsberg bei Leipzig, Germany for the German chains PFENNIGPFEIFFER and MÄC GEIZ as well as in Bolligen for the swiss companies OFFICE WORLD and IBA.

By opening various new subsidiaries for all four brands, the MTH Retail Group was not only able to secure, but further develop its market position in a goal-oriented manner. Foreign engagement was consistently continued. By the end of 2017, the MTH Retail Group bought the Swiss office material supplier Office World (B2C). With this purchase, the biggest office supply retailer in Switzerland moved from Migros to the MTH Retail Group. Office World comprises of the office material companies iba AG (B2B) and Tramondi Büro AG.

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