MTH Retail


The MTH Retail Group is a leading supplier of office and school supplies and leisure goods throughout the entire DACH region with a turnover of around EUR 900 million. The Austrian market is served by the well-known brands LIBRO and PAGRO (approx. 360 shops and 1,800 employees) as well as the B2B player Pagro Direkt, which covers the major retail, consumer and commercial customer segments in the office supply and non-food sectors. In Switzerland, the predominant focus is on commercial customers with the brand OFFICE WORLD GROUP AG (which includes Office World, Iba, Tramondi, Papedis, Ecomedia, Oridis, Office Leader and Docuserv). In Switzerland, 90% of turnover can now be attributed to commercial and online sales. In Germany, the group concentrates on the non-food discount sector with the brands MÄC GEIZ and PFENNIGPFEIFFER (approx. 390 shops and 2,200 employees).

The headquarters of the MTH Retail Group are found in the following cities:

The digitisation of stationary retail leads to new opportunities

Stationary retail


“Offline 4.0"

„E-Commerce ist längst kein Gedanke der Zukunft mehr, sondern fest in unserem täglichen Arbeiten verankert. Mit unserem Omni-Channel-Ansatz, der offline und online verbindet, gestalten wir den digitalen Wandel der Branche mit.“

Michael Kremser, Vorstand MTH Retail Group


LIBRO is one of the best-known and most popular brands in Austria and offers a successful mix of products covering the school supply, gift-giving and multimedia sectors. This makes LIBRO an important regional local supplier in the non-food sector, with products for the entire family. Due to the broad network of shops, Austria's customers can always find a branch of the non-food sector’s largest retail chain close to home. Whether in sales, in the warehouse or in the head office, LIBRO is one of the country’s most important employers. As a local company, LIBRO also operates its online shop exclusively from Austria, which sets it apart from international competitors. All online sales are handled by the Müllendorf logistics centre in Burgenland.

PAGRO DISKONT, with its headquarters in Guntramsdorf (Lower Austria), is an exclusively Austrian company. PAGRO DISKONT has a comprehensive range serving both end consumers and SMEs in the stationary, office and household sectors. The company is currently represented in Austria with around 160 shops in all federal states and will continue its dynamic expansion over the next few years.

PAGRO DIREKT is an Austrian trading company with a long tradition, headquartered in Wiener Neustadt. For major retail customers, PAGRO DIREKT offers a carefully-compiled range of office supplies and stationery products including more than 20,000 items and is constantly expanding and adapting to the latest trends. This flexibility is continuously taking the classic B2B business with key accounts to a new level. Customers can find dependable brand-name products here such as STABILO, BENE, SCOTCH, LEITZ, 3M, UHU, AVERY ZWECKFORM and many others. Price-conscious customers rely on the store brands, PAGRO and OFFICIO, which boast a wide range of high-quality products at particularly attractive prices.

The Office World Group is a successful joint venture between Office World Holding AG (a MTH Retail Group company) and OFFIX Holding AG, which was founded in 2021. This partnership has brought several strong brands together under one roof: Ecomedia, Oridis, Papedis, Office World, iba, Office Leader, Tramondi and Docuserv, positioning the Office World Group as the clear market leader for office supplies in Switzerland.

The Office World Group has highly-specialised sales organisations that make it possible to provide customer-specific solutions for various levels of commerce. The group serves the market directly with 19 local specialist shops and several online shops and has a close relationship with around 2,000 specialist dealers and retail chains. The expansive, diverse range includes over 60,000 products.

The Office World Group generates annual turnover of around CHF 400 million.

Pfennigpfeiffer, a non-food retail chain headquartered in Landsberg (Saxony-Anhalt), sells stationery, household goods, craft accessories, decorations, cosmetics, toys, seasonal items and electrical appliances in the discount segment. For those hands-on customers, Pfennigpfeiffer also has a wide range of products to boost creativity. The company has 100 branches in eastern Germany and offers more than 30.000 customers an extensive product range with over 15.000 items.

MÄC GEIZ is one of the largest German non-food retailers. The household discounter stands out with its local supplier flair and offers a compelling and wide range of products and an unbeatable price-performance ratio. MÄC GEIZ has established itself throughout Germany with roughly 290 shops to date in city centres and local supply areas. It currently boasts around 1.600 employees and is on the road to success with more than 30 million buying customers per year.