P&V Holding AG

Printing & Publishing

Die P&V Gruppe ist eine österreichische Unternehmensgruppe im Druck- und Verlagsbereich. Der Sitz der P&V Holding ist in Wien.

A printing and publishing group with strong digitisation and web competence was established in the DACH region.

The main business segments are:


The print segment includes the sub-segments of newspaper printing, sheet fed printing, digital printing and print-specific services, such as warehouse management and the dispatch of printed matter.

Herold Druck is the most modern newspaper printing company in Austria. The company has been printing newspapers for almost 120 years now. The quality is reflected in decades of experience. Herold Druck is one of the most innovative companies specialising in the production of newspapers and semi-commercials.

Herold prints daily, weekly and monthly newspapers, such as the daily newspapers “Wiener Zeitung” (the oldest daily newspaper in the world) and “Heute” (the most successful free daily newspaper in Austria).

Four well-known Austrian printing companies form the Print Alliance company. All Print Alliance brands stand for top performance in their market segments. More services. More printing machines. More possibilities. More experience. More than a printing company.


Our investment portfolio includes the textbook and specialist medical publisher segments.

In order to jointly master the various challenges in today's education system, especially digitisation and the modernisation of educational content, the publishers Ed. Hölzel and MANZ Verlag Schulbuch came together under the name Hölzel Verlag GmbH.

With the MEHR learning services, particularly the digital platform lernenwillmehr.at, the publisher's motto “Innovation from Tradition” is once again given new life.

A merger of MedMedia and Universimed,Futuro Holding aims to promote the internationalisation of specialist publishers. Futuro Holding is the most specialised actor with the broadest product portfolio on the specialist media market.

The holding company focuses on expanding digital and event services and offering solutions for the entire German-speaking area. As a multichannel partner, Futuro Holding is able to easily implement projects in the DACH region.